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Hoarding Damage

SERVPRO of Aberdeen/Holmdel Helps Out with Hoarding Damage

Hoarding led to a fire at this home in Aberdeen, NJ. Fortunately, our expert team is not only skilled at fire damage restoration, we were also able to clear the space of accumulated clutter, including potential health hazards.

Cluttered home of a hoarder

SERVPRO Brings Compassion and Professionalism to Aberdeen Hoarding Cleanup

When cleaning up a property where hoarding is the issue, SERVPRO technicians work with empathy and ensure everyone is safe. Homes with hoards can have biological and pathogenic threats as well as structural issues that are potentially hazardous. The techs work to proactively address issues during cleanup.

Navy ship tower

Duct Cleaning

Our SERVPRO of Aberdeen / Holmdel team provided all of the duct cleaning on this Navy ship. This cleaning can help reduce the dust, odors and debris in the system. Count on SERVPRO for your Air Duct needs.

Ship in a dry dock with the city in the background

Duct Cleaning on Navy Ship

This is a recent project of duct cleaning on a dry docked Navy ship. This cleaning can help restore the system its peak efficiency, and may help remove offensive odors. 

Navy ship at a dry dock

Navy Ship Duct Cleaning

Why choose SERVPRO of Aberdeen / Holmdel for your duct cleaning? We can inspect and perform cleaning on HVAC systems in any home, building or ship. Our IICRC certified technicians have the training and experience to throughly clean your air ducts. 

Navy ship at a dry dock

Duct Cleaning - Navy Ship

SERVPRO of Aberdeen / Holmdel did all of the duct cleaning while this Navy ship was dry docked. This cleaning removed all of the Dust, Pollen, Odors, Dirt and debris, and Other contaminants from the HVAC System.