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Have You Thought About Professional Duct Cleaning?

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know that clogged or dirty air ducts and dryer vents can affect your HVAC system's performance? Professional duct cleaning and consistent dryer vent cleaning can remove that debris and improve air flow, which can actually increase the effectiveness of the system—and your safety.

SERVPRO Air Duct Services Can Help

If you’re interested in increasing indoor comfort as far as heating, cooling, and air conditioning is concerned, professional air duct cleaning can help. At SERVPRO of Aberdeen/Holmdel, our highly trained technicians follow a simple process that guarantees results.

  • We remove and thoroughly clean vent covers and returns to remove any buildup that has accumulated.
  • We attach a high-powered vacuum system to your air duct system to create a vacuum that pulls the collected debris to our HEPA filtration system, removing 99.97% of particles in the airstream.
  • As part of our air duct services, we use professional tools to agitate and remove debris from each branch of the duct work, which may include dryer vent cleaning.
  • Under vacuum pressure, we use an EPA-registered antimicrobial air duct cleaning agent into the duct work to help eliminate mold and bacteria.
  • Finally, we apply duct sealer to create a mold- and mildew-resistant barrier between living and non-living spaces.

If you need professional duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, or you have replacement filters on site, SERVPRO of Aberdeen/Holmdel is more than happy to help. Contact us today.

Foreclosures Cleanouts: It's Not A Pretty Job

8/2/2018 (Permalink)

If you're buying a house that was in a foreclosure or you're an investor or realtor trying to get rid of a foreclosed property, you are most likely staring into the eyes of a complete mess. Foreclosure cleanouts are not pretty, but necessary in order to get the property sold or moved into for numerous reasons.  And if a home is vacant to begin with, this can become a huge problem for the community itself, with a vacant home being ripe for vandalism, squatters, fire hazards, gang activity and other safety hazards.  Not to mention, the deep cleaning services you'll need to get that vacant house into shape will be massive. Thankfully though, there are restoration companies that are willing to take on the job and do it right.

House Clean Out: Issues You Face With Foreclosed Homes

A house clean out isn't fun; people who are faced with losing their homes are not exactly worried about tidiness, but instead, getting out and grieving such a major loss. And unfortunately, home foreclosures don't seem to be decreasing, which means that many realtors and buyers are faced with foreclosed properties that need a ton of work.  Here are some of the common cleanups that need to happen with foreclosed and vacant homes:

  1. Overgrown lawns and landscaping issues: This means that someone will have to care for the lawns and weed regularly enough so that way the place looks good and can be sold.
  2. Trash collection: Is there junk inside or out that needs to go? Look in the home, garage, shed, basement, etc. You're bound to find plenty of stuff that simply needs to be hauled.
  3. Pools and hot tub issues—from malfunctions to mosquito collections
  • Interior issues: From broken windows to mold or what have you, the inside of a house will need deep cleaning services and beyond.

Restoration Services Near Me: You Need Experts

In addition to the formerly mentioned problems, be prepared to face other interior issues—

-Stained & shredded rugs and carpets

-Tile issues

-Pest problems

-Odor issues (smokers' lingering cigarette smell; cat urine, etc.)


-Junk left behind. Junk beyond junk beyond junk!

There's no wonder that anyone dealing with a foreclosed home will be googling "restoration services near me" as fast as lighting.

But here is the good news: cleaning and restoration services can bring that once dump of a home back to life in no time without you lifting a sweaty finger or hand!

The reality is this is a big job and not for a novice. Expert restoration companies are skilled at managing everything from trauma scenes to vacant homes. They see a big project such as a foreclosed home and have a plan to get everything in order within no time.

When searching for this type of company, look for:

- Company reviews & references

-Companies with a reasonable and strict turn-around time

-Companies that are able to start the job within a short amount of time

At the end of the day, using a restoration company will be an investment, but it will be a worthy one. You can rest assured that with a reputable company, you can get the house into great shape again with the peace of mind you get by hiring someone to do the job professionally and efficiently.